The Truth About Food

Endorsed by the Weston Price Foundation — Read the Review HERE

In this ground-breaking book, Gillian Drake reveals a revolutionary new system of assessing the nutritional value of food, not by a breakdown of its parts, but by its vitality, or Life Force Energy, a nutrient that is essential for good health and which is missing in refined and processed foods.
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     “This book is a life changer! It’s the single most motivating book on food and eating healthy that I’ve ever read.
     In a clear analysis, this book outlines what’s wrong with the state of our food, how we were led down the path of eating unhealthy food, and what foods, based on solid research, we need to eat to be healthy. It’s all there—said simply. Just the truth as the truth often appears to us, without fanfare, simply, and in light. And I don’t need to read another book on food again.”

— Vikki Blanche, TV and Stage Actress
What People Are Saying…

“Hi Gillian,
     I just bought your book (and can’t put it down) and I just have to applaud you and thank you for writing this. This as you know is must have information for everyone and I’m going to be talking and writing about it.
     I’m a personal chef, teacher and writer and dedicated – going forward – to creating truly healthy recipes that taste great too. In fact I’ve just joined forces with a holistic nutritionalist to do just that. I know that if something is healthy but doesn’t look or taste good most people won’t eat it, let alone cook it. I have written about the vibration of food before but this gives me so much more food for thought.
     Thank you for your priceless work and if there is anything I can do to help you further your mission to help us transform our diets, please write back and let me know how I can help. I would be honored.”

— Silvia Bianco, Chef/Teacher/Writer

“I lost 15 pounds in fifteen weeks, not by eating low-calorie fat-free foods, my usual diet approach, but by using Gillian Drake’s book as my guide. I eliminated sugar and sugar substitutes, ate only grass-fed and hormone-free meats and poultry, filled up on organic fruits and vegetables, and most importantly, completely eliminated all processed foods. In order to do the latter, which I believe is the secret to my success, I needed to learn “the truth about food: the good, the bad and the downright dangerous.” Because I am not dieting, but rather learning a completely new approach to a healthy lifestyle, I expect to keep my weight loss the rest of my life!”
— A. G., Eastham, MA

“I have cured my high cholesterol and trigylceride levels by following the food choices in Gillian’s new book. Take time to read it—we can help our health problems AND our debt problems by learning to eat right.”
— K. S., Brewster, MA

“This is a fantastic book. I started to read the chapter on water in the midst of a very busy project I was working on and just kept reading and reading, though I had no intention of doing so in that moment! And two hours later, I’m writing this note. The Truth About Food is beautifully written, it reads easily and smoothly, and is just plain stimulating and encouraging in learning how to eat right. It changed my life when I learned from Gillian that gluten was one of the main culprits in my diet that was affecting my breathing.”
— B. W., Provincetown, MA

“My dear Gillian,
Your book is stunning and so user friendly. All the chapter summaries, etc. and the organization are brilliant and pack a real punch.”

— G. M., Boston, MA

“I love this book! It has given me a clear perspective about good foods in today’s society. You’ll love this informational/reference book full of simplified charts for us to understand which foods and food companies are better than others! A clear, simple reference book for everyone who does food purchasing. A must have for the food purchaser in your home! Your money is your vote & it’s time to put our money into companies that are good for us and the planet. This book will show us the right choices to make. Kudos Gillian! It sure is good to know which are the most nutritious foods for all our loved ones!”
— L. K., Eastham, MA

“Your book was amazing to read—it’s so well organized & accessible!”
— L. F., Falmouth, MA

“I just read your book, it’s truly great! I learned so much, it’s so scary what we eat without knowing it. I am committed to change though!”
— A. S., Cape Cod, MA

“This book is my bible, I take it everywhere with me!”
— B. Malpass, Sun Valley, ID

“I highly recommend this excellent book by Gillian Drake — it has easy-to-use charts that help you choose the best foods for your own health and energy. When I went for my annual check up recently, my doctor found I had a high triglyceride reading and she prescribed a medication that gave me acid reflux. I abandoned taking it, but was worried if I was taking a risk. To my relief, when I went for a check up, my blood work had normalized thanks to my new diet and exercise. My energy seems more even and steady and it just proves to me that a healthy diet can bring your body back into balance.”
— Kate S., Brewster, MA


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