March Against Monsanto

Hell NO Monsanto! GMO’s have got to go!

I was part of a group of people from Cape Cod who traveled to Boston on Saturday to join a large crowd of protestors who marched from Government Center to the State House waving banners and chanting anti-Monsanto and pro-natural food slogans. We were joined by protesters in dozens of cities throughout the country as part of a global protest against Monsanto and the genetically modified food it produces (GMOs). GMO’s have been proven to have detrimental affects on the body, causing infertility and other problems in humans, and the RoundUp herbicide that is liberally sprayed on these plants has also been found to be also highly toxic. We are ALL eating this food!

Organized marches and protests were held in 436 cities in 52 countries, and it is estimated that two million people took part world-wide. 

monsanto march 1

Gillian Drake, front left, with the Cape Cod contingency at the Boston March against Monsanto

Monsanto march 2

We have the right to know! Ben, Gerald and Gillian


The Boston March against Monsanto


Laura Kelley at the Monsanto March

laura kelley being interviewed by the press

Laura Kelley being Interviewed by the press

BEE 2 monsanto

Children ask Monsanto to stop killing bees!

Monsanto BEE photos

What the bees would say!


The March goes to the State House

Ben, Gerald and Laura getting ready to march

Ben, Gerald and Laura get ready to march

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