The Weston Price Foundation

Review: The Truth about Food — Gillian Drake, Shank Painter Publishing
by Tim Boyd, Weston A. Price Foundation

Before most of us were born science learned that all living things emit a weak radiation. Every particle has a specific wavelength. Even though not new, these facts and all their implications are not widely known or understood. In more recent years we have learned that water is far more complex than we thought. It has properties that are affected by what it physically comes in contact with and what kind of radiation or energy passes through it. All of these things turn out to be relevant to the general health of our bodies and can be used to evaluate our health and the quality of food we eat.
     This book looks in detail at all categories of food and evaluates then in terms of energy measured in Bovis Units of Life Force Energy. The assumption is that the higher the energy measurement, the better the food. The scale used here goes from 0 to 10,000. Anything below 6500 is slowly killing you. Unlike many annoying studies that only look at industrial food, this looks at industrial and organic. It even looks at raw milk and dairy compared to pasteurized. Cooked vegetables are compared to raw. I won’t get into the measurement methods and I don’t necessarily consider them the final authority but the end results are interesting.

— Read the Full Review HERE

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